DBS - Mechanics Overview 02

Many things have been achieved in one week !

I spent some time to clean my code's classes - a complete mess. It's even worse in some aspects but now, many systems are ready to use and to add characters or battle settings will be easier.


Each character has now his own move set, hurray!
But it required a proper UI to make the player at ease with the different controls in the game. The game is also pretty much more dynamic than last week, since your opponent is now moving and using the same moves than you!


Something was missing since the beginning : proper menus. Wow, it feels like playing this game is almost confortable with this...
I was too lazy to design a character selection mode, so I was satisfied with delivering only a Random Match mode.  Why choosing the same character every time when you just can be surprised in each play ! Well, OK, it may be strange to play Black to stop Goku from throwing blasts at cities... But the cool thing is you can rematch with the same characters if you want ! If you happened to enjoy a match of characters, it's even more satisfying this way, right?

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