DBS - Mechanics Overview 01

First version uploaded.


The purpose of this project was to figure out if it was possible to recreate  the spatial intensity of the fights in the Dragon Ball sagas.

To reach this goal, I wanted to see how the field would look like. It was meant to be simple but any brick had to be destructible. I first designed the city, until I get the best feeling of blowing buildings and wiping out floors in a swing. 

When I got this, it was needed to design the player's character. The deal was to balance physics in order to make it flying easily in the first hand and being able to be smashed through the layers of the field in the other hand.

In the end, I just added a simple enemy, behaving with a fair amount of random. As you may lose by either losing your life points or either being unable to keep a single brick of the city untouched, the game designed by itself.

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