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When I first came up with BM, my idea was to make a game for mobile device. In 2015, not so long ago, good dungeon crawlers weren't something you could find every morning. I tried a bunch, was done quite quickly, then resolved to make my own one someday.

Many dungeon crawlers -and not only those from App Stores- are stuck with too many systems. You can't progress without having read tones of documentation -in most cases, online, not even in game- and you have to optimize every details for hours in the end game. Not that I don't enjoy the legacy of D&D, Might & Magic, etc, but, well... Not my cup of tea to spend hours in menu to enjoy a 15 minutes play.

I am someone lazy, as an artist and as a gamer myself. So eventually, I am very cautious in not making a game full of unwanted stuff that you can't understand in a glimpse of the eye. It helps me defining direct experiences (but I am also aware I may create games a little bit too simple).

Brave Mercenaries is precisely a synthesis of what I need as a player :

  • Clear designs
  • Simple mechanics
  • Puzzles with a time-limit

That what I loved into my youth's arcade games. Not all games need to be that much 'plug-n-play' but some don't need much more. That's the kind of games I make, on my own that is. Think you're passing by a friend who greets you like : 'Hey, Welcome! Take a chair, focus on this mechanics challenge. ...Oh, you're leaving, ok! Careful on the way back, thank you for playing !'.  I guess that is what games in the 80s-90s were all about, in fact.

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Jul 25, 2018

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